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Thank you for having joined us at the Swiss Project Management Conference 2019.


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Why a conference on innovation?

The project management profession has a huge body of knowledge full of proven methods, tools and processes for project success. And this body of knowledge is constantly evolving. Market challenges, technical innovations, and new organizational concepts introduce new ways of working, and make others less relevant.

Celebrating PMI's 50th anniversary, the Switzerland Chapter is organizing this conference, addressing experienced professionals who have “seen it all, done it all”, and still want to learn more, expand their skillset, mindset, and toolset.

We have invited expert speakers who share their innovative experiences in project management. No science-fiction, all practical inspiration for participants to apply to their own projects and organizations.

And, there’s even more! Participants will not only gain practical inspiration from the speakers, but also from their peers. We invite you to take part in the “SIX Networking Challenge”, sharing ideas with your peers while networking!

The result? You’ll leave with a head full of field-tested ideas from experts on stage, and from your peers – to be applied in your own projects and organizations.

Why should you attend?

  • Inspiration: listen to inspiring keynotes and breakout sessions with expert speakers

  • Networking: connect with other project professionals, take part in the “SIX Networking Challenge”, and win an attractive price
  • Evening reception: continue the discussions with the speakers and other professionals during the evening reception, and have fun playing "Innovation Games"

  • Applicability: implement what you’ve learned in your business life

  • PDUs: PMI members earn 10 PDUs across the PMI Talent Triangle®

  • Celebration: celebrate PMIs 50th anniversary by feeling proud to be part of a profession that transforms the world

Ticket prices

Ticket prices start at 350 CHF.



Welcome and Keynote Speakers (click to show more/less)


Susanne Berger,

Chief HR Officer, SIX

"Innovation at SIX – it’s all about the people"

SIX has a high reputation for its reliability and quality of services. At the same time, SIX drives the digital transformation of the financial markets. That’s why SIX is dependent on bright people which bring their energy, ideas and knowledge to develop innovative customer solutions. In her presentation, Susanne will explain how SIX creates and fosters a culture which encourages people to experiment and create new ideas.

Edward Turner

Head Open Innovation, SIX

Lisa Leyla Yerebakan

Junior Open Innovation, SIX

"How to bring together crazy innovators and structured project managers?"


Digitalisation has enabled us to dramatically increase the pace of getting products to clients quickly. Flat hierarchies, un-subordinated millennials and the global war for talent makes it increasingly challenging for organisations who manage by process, hierarchy and clear structures to meet the constant need for novelty that clients and users request. During his presentation, Edward will try to provide a different perspective on why structure matters and how people can bring together innovation with broader corporate processes.

Prof. Dr. Alexander Schuhmacher,

Senior Manager PwC  Switzerland

Marc Lahmann,

Director of Transformation Assurance PwC Switzerland

"The Future of Project Management is Predictive! - AI will revolutionize the Project Management Practice - Are you ready?"

The future of all sectors will be radically changed by new digital technologies, such as artificial intelligence (AI) subsuming various technologies including predictive analytics, natural language processing, machine learning, deep learning, facial recognition or image and video analysis. AI will disrupt the business of many sectors – hence, AI will also change the future role of PM and PPM and the way of how projects and portfolios of projects are managed, steered, prioritized and how resources are allocated. The vision of an artificial and automated PM and PPM environment is close to be realized. Predictive portfolio systems are in planning, and respective projects analytics tools do already exist.

Breakout Session Speakers (click to show more/less)

Dave Bruce

Vice-President, Program Management Office, Nestlé

“Making it Real – Portfolio Management in your hands; literally”

Planning a project portfolio usually involves Excel spreadsheets and bubble charts. For their budget of several hundred million CHF a year, the project portfolio management team of Nestlé has developed a much more innovative approach, using a game board, a deck of cards, and casino chips. This allows participants to walk around Nestlé’s portfolio, pick up projects and programs and physically place them according to their strategic alignment. With this innovative approach, Nestlé won the internationally recognized Hamdan bin Mohammed (Crown Prince of Dubai) Award in 2018 in the category "Innovative Idea in Portfolio Management".

For more information see the video below.

Sacha Czudek

Founder&CEO Flow Sphere AG

"Project Managers in the Agile Enterprise – Is the role still required?"


Agility is spreading throughout the enterprises and affects everything.

Based on real world large scale SAFe transformations, we will explore the following questions:

  • How does Agile at scale affect the organizational setup and what happens with the role of the traditional project manager?

  • Is there a place for project managers in an Agile enterprise

  • What is the personal transformation a project manager has to undergo?

Paul Ip

UX & Agile Coach – Make the Difference,
Zurich Insurance Company
“Zurich Innovation Lab - employee empowerment as the vehicle to accelerate change delivery. The "Make the Difference" journey"

We invest in innovation and digitalisation so we can help employees and customers reach their full potential. ‘Make the Difference’ is a program that puts ‘people’ back into the heart of shaping and delivering our organisation’s strategic objectives. We draw on multiple methodologies such as Agile and Design Thinking but more importantly for us is the mind-set, empowerment, diversity and inclusion that allows us to think of new solutions and move quickly to implement them.

Sandeep Garg

Project Director, LafargeHolcim 

“Next Gen PMO – Applying Digitization and Automation to Deliver Industrial Projects”


While every company operating today is different, they all face a common challenge—the need for connectedness and access to real-time insights across processes, partners, products, and people. To enable this, LafargeHolcim, the global leader in building materials and solutions,  launched  a multi-year initiative called “Plants of Tomorrow” - one of the largest rollouts of Industry 4.0 in the building materials industry.  This program has resulted in revolutionizing collaboration between various stakeholders. 

Given the advancements in digitalization, the application of Building Information Modeling (BIM) in industrial projects, combined with process automation is not only becoming imperative, but is significantly improving project delivery.  This is also revolutionizing collaboration between various stakeholders.

The use of drones for 3D scanning and AR/VR (Augmented Reality/Virtual Reality) helmets enhance visualization and optimizes construction, resulting in a drastic reduction of errors and improved safety.  BIM ultimately provides a digital twin of the operating facility, serving as an effective tool for predictive operations and maintenance. 

This session will walk through LafargeHolcim’s digital transformation journey towards becoming a fully data-driven operation and enabling innovative solutions which make cement production safer, more efficient and environmentally fit.  Key focus areas for projects include:

  • Application of Building Information Modeling (BIM) and 3D scanning with drones.

  • Automating project processes in costing, procurement, document handling, and design reviews.

  • Application of Industry 4.0 in building plants of tomorrow.

Marcus Glowasz

IT Program Manager, UBS

“AI powered Project Management – A game changer for the delivery of projects?”

In a world of increasing complexity, uncertainty, and rapid change, businesses are more and more dependent on the sheer endless and massive amount of data, as well as on their capabilities to understand that data. This is essential for organizations to stay ahead of the competition and to improve their productivity and the time to market for their products, requiring also a more efficient project delivery process.


Collecting and transforming data into knowledge, conclusions, predictions and decisions is essential for the management of projects. Given the increasing complexity and amount of available data, and the human limitations to handle such amount of information, Artificial Intelligence (AI) is expected to have a significant impact on the project management practice, unlocking new potential to improve project success rates.


But how exactly will AI transform project management? How can one prepare for it?


The presentation will provide a critical review of AI’s capabilities in the project management practice, how AI can help to de-risk projects and ultimately contribute to their success, and how it will impact project professionals.

Jacob Hansen

Principal Customer Advisor, 

Projectum on behalf of Microsoft 

“Tomorrow's ePMO and how AI and bots can support project managers in the future”

Learn from the former PMO lead at LEGO IT about the digital tools and solutions to help project managers, and line managers, in a modern organization characterized by a hybrid structure. You will also get an insight as to how bots and AI will support the project managers in the future. Learn also how to build a successful ePMO, as well as current challenges for the modern PMO - at a time with both Agile and Waterfall requirements, as well as other disruptive trends.

Stephen Herold

Customer Experience & Design Lead, IBM iX

“Enterprise Design Thinking and IBM’s Design Adoption Journey"

How can we efficiently and effectively solve problems, innovate, pursue opportunities and just get things done–with speed and minimal risk? What does design mean for your organization? Stephen’s talk will address the meaning of design and it’s value in the light of the IBM design adoption journey. Beginning with trends and misconceptions, the talk will address how IBM uses design and why it is critical for generating business value and, more importantly, customer value–for IBM and for IBM’s clients. Stephen will demonstrate IBM’s Enterprise Design Thinking framework, our ways of working, and how IBM has scaled design across the global organization.

Sina Martens

Communications Business Partner, Zurich Insurance Group

“Deploying Workplace by Facebook to support agile culture at Zurich Insurance”

As digitalization transforms the insurance industry, Zurich is transforming its business and culture. With the adoption of Workplace by Facebook in November 2018, we created a versatile, mobile and employee-led platform for internal communication and collaboration. For the first time, Zurich has a mobile-first communications platform that is accessible to all its employees globally.

Martin Meyer 

Head Innovation Global Wealth Management, UBS AG

"Innovation - where are the opportunity spaces for the Swiss service industry?"

To be innovative in a 150 year old environment is much more complex and difficult than building up a new startup. But this is what the most of us have to do every day to remain successful in the market. There are some good hacks we can learn from other cultures (i.e. China) and companies to be more successful. As Head of Innovation for Global Wealth Management I have seen and learned a lot of things – and I have the great opportunity to test these methodologies in live cases. In my short briefing I will share with you the three most important “game changers” you can use immediately in your projects.

Elena Och

Accredited Certified Coach and Consultant for Leading Business Innovation, newturn 

“A different answer to what drives productive business innovation”


Why Design Thinking is always the first “answer” when we need Innovation while Project Management is not even mentioned? And why Design Thinking workshops and training fail to deliver on the promise of innovative breakthrough in most organisations?

If your innovation teams are struggling to generate expected value, they might be lacking good project management. Let’s consider a new formula where Project Management is key to ROI of innovation efforts.

Don’t wait for the culture change, instead discover how you can quickly increase your capability for creative thinking, human needs analysis and asking the right focal questions.

Dawid Piekarski
Technical Program Manager / SAP Certification Lead, Google

"Simple is better: why sophisticated Project Management methodologies don't work"

PM’s are often tempted to use complex management tools and methods to expose their level of engagement and mastery. Instead efficiency, this leads to repeating cycle of hype around new tools. Dispersed focus result in lower quality of deliverables or/and higher failure rate of the projects in portfolio.

This presentation will talk about how to avoid sophistication trap, and how to leverage simple tools of excel, google docs, and shared space to maintain a high ratio of cooperation among the team.

Norun Laahne Thomassen

Certified Coach & Cultural Transformation Consultant, aequilibre

“Effective conflict management – a source of creativity and innovation” 

Conflict is a natural and inevitable part of our interactions with others. It is the tension that keeps people striving to adapt, evolve, change and grow. The existence of conflict is therefore not the problem, but rather how it is handled. Learning to manage conflict effectively is an essential life skill that can be a source of creativity and innovation both in your private and professional life.





The conference takes place in the SIX ConventionPoint, an award-winning, state-of-the art conference center.

SIX Convention Point,

Pfingstweidstrasse 110,

8005 Zurich,





Founded in 2001, the PMI Switzerland Chapter is Switzerland’s largest project management association, with over 1’700 members. It is a chapter of PMI®, the leading not-for-profit professional membership association for the project management profession, serving more than 2.9 million professionals working in nearly every country in the world to enhance their careers, improve organizational success and further mature the profession.

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For this conference, a dedicated team of project management professionals from Allianz Suisse, Atos, SIX and Zurich Insurance is working together to create an inspirational and entertaining program for their colleagues, for PMI members, and for all other project professionals in Switzerland.

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